Classes at The Charlotte School of Ballet

The Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance is a training method beginning with children at age 3 and takes students through a graded syllabus to the professional level. The Children’s Syllabus includes classical work, free movement and character dance. The Vocational Syllabus is for the students who desires a career in ballet. It takes much dedication on the part of the dancer to achieve the required level of training to progress at this level. Both the Children’s and Vocational syllabi are examined in seventy five countries throughout the world. It is an extremely high level of training.

Cecchetti Council of America

The Cecchetti Council of America is a training method which begins with five year old students and progresses to the Diploma Level. The Cecchetti syllabus is based on the teachings of Enrico Cecchetti who taught in London, Russia and throughout Europe. As students progress they may take examinations in this syllabus as well.


Examinations produce wonderful results. Students who work for exams excel in their training and strive to reach their personal best. Having a goal encourages students to focus in class, build strength quicker and requires correctly demonstrated technique. It prevents dancers from only learning to do tricks but makes for a more versatile dancer. Additionally, examinations are an unbiased evaluation of a student’s progress. Please schedule a conference examinations.

Solo Performance awards

NEW – SOLO Performance Awards The Royal Academy of Dance has introduced the new solo performance awards. Students who have passed Grade I – III are eligible to take the Solo Performance Award for the grade level in which they have passes. The Solo Performance Award is a performance of three solos. Two from the syllabus and third of the student and teacher’s choice. Please schedule an appointment with your instructor discuss participation in the solo performance awards if you are interested.

Classes we Offer

Pre Ballet and Tap

Pre Ballet and Tap is for 3 and 4 year old children, this class introduces children to the joy of movement and creative expression through music and use of imagination. Students will learn basic ballet positions and steps in additional to developing coordination, listening skills and rhythm.

Pre-Primary Ballet and Tap

Pre- Primary Ballet and Tap is for students 5 years of age. This class introduces the Royal Academy of Dance’s Pre- Primary in Dance syllabus in additonal to basic tap skills. Goals include developing coordination, listening skills, and motor skills required dance. Students will participate in exercises to increase flexibility and strength.

Primary Ballet

Primary Ballet is for students ages 6 – 7. This class follows the syllabus of the the Royal Academy of Dance Primary curriculum as well as the Cecchetti Primary work. Students work to maintain correct posture, placement and body alignment throughout movements. Additionally dancers learn to tell a story through movement and use of expression. Students may take exams in this level.

R.A.D. Grades 1 – 8 Ballet

R.A.D. Grades 1 – 8 Ballet is for students age 7 and above. These classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabi, which includes classical, character and free movement work. Dancers develop technical strength, placement, proper posture and artistic expression Students who wish to take the RAD Exams must attend classes a minimum of twice a week in the level being examined. There may be extra rehearsals with the pianist. Examination fees will be required of those students taking exams. These classes also cater to students who wish to progress through the Syllabus but not enter into the exams. Examinations must be taken in sequence.

R.A.D. Vocational and Cecchetti Professional Exams

These examinations are for the serious ballet student. Students must take at least six hours of ballet and pointe classes per week to be successful in these levels of examination. It is not possible to offer every level each year. If the level your student is working toward is not currently offered please speak with the office to make arrangements to be coached.

Cecchetti Classes

Cecchetti Classes Developed by Maestro Enrico Cecchetti, the Cecchetti method of ballet breaks the technique of ballet down to a science. Precise exercises are practiced in a set order each class, each building on the next. This method builds solid foundations in technique while instilling a lovely quality of movement at the same time. When ready, students are entered for examinations and must pass each level before moving on to the next level of study. Students are eligible to begin Cecchetti Grade 1 at age 9 and work through to Grade 7.

Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Dancers who have technically attained the level required are permitted to enroll in these classes. These levels are designed to provide an increase in a dancer’s challenges, and represents the progression in a dancer’s achievements and commitment to dance. All levels emphasize correct postural alignment, principals of turn out, balance, control and barre and center exercises that become more complex and challenging at each level. The principles taught in each level build upon one another to create a solid foundation for technical strength and proficiency. Dancers in the levels are required to take at least three technique and two pointe classes per week.

Pointe Classes

Students begin pointe only with permission from instructors. Pointe is for serious ballet students, In order to dance on pointe proficiently students are required to take a minimum of three technique classes a week in addition to pointe classes. Maintaining as well as improving technique is essential to progress with pointe work. The Charlotte School of Ballet only allows students to begin pointe in the summer. All students on pointe must study a minimum of three weeks during the summer. Please see the pointe policies sheet for more information.


All Jazz classes combine traditional classical and Broadway jazz with the ever changing styles of today. These classes are full of energy and fun and at the same time challenging. Always age appropriate in style, music and, if applicable costumes.


Students of modern dance are introduced to basic contemporary techniques including contractions, oppositional energy and improvisation. Students will explore dynamics in time and space and build understanding of rhythm, gestures and shapes.


All tap classes focus on the development of a sharpened sense of rhythm, coordination, and clarity of sounds incorporating warm-up, rhythm sequences, across the floor, combinations and routines.

Boy’s Class

This All Boys dance class focuses on developing strength, flexibility and coordination through movement. The discipline and focus will benefit boys with sports as well as with dance. Scholarships are available as needed.

Studio Company

Studio Company is offered for our dancers who love to perform. Auditions are held in the Spring for companies. These dancers have the opportunity to perform throughout the year in many different venues. Please let us know if you have performance opportunities available for any of the studio companies.

Adult Ballet and Tap

Adult Ballet and Tap classes focus on developing strength, flexibility and coordination through movement. Special rates are available for parents of students currently enrolled.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons can be arranged as requested. All private lessons must be set up through the business office There is a studio fee as well as the instructor fee. We kindly ask for 24 hour advance notice of any cancellations.